Our team at Artificial Kreativity is supporting the creative community by exposing students to architecture and creative professions. This is based on the founder, Rafael Portillo's 10 years of interviewing candidates for Cornell University’s architecture school in New York. After meeting many international high school applicants and reviewing their portfolios, he wanted to level the playing field and support the young aspiring architects with their careers. Now, with its multidisciplinary experience he aims at making architecture and creative professions accessible to everyone. It's not just architecture that needs exposure but creative professions as well.

The event was incredible and I'm excited to see more events from your organisation in the future.
~LFA 2023 participant
Cross Pollinator
Cross Pollinator Project
Multidisciplinary Workshop
Exposing students to creative professions while offering support with professional development.
Portfolio Review
Portfolio Review
One-to-One Dedicated Portfolio Review Sessions
Portfolio Development and Portfolio Review Diagnostics.
Donations + Corporate Sponsorship
Find out how you can be part of a movement and support our aim of making architecture and creative professions accessible to everyone.