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100% Engaging and inspiring
100% Approach helped their project or portfolio
92% Increased knowledge of creative professions
25%* Placement into universities, jobs, or higher education

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It's people like you who believe in creating change and sharing our knowledge with the creative community especially the students who would need it most. Thank you to those who believed in us from the beginning and those who believe in the value of making the Cross Pollinator Project accessible to everyone. Reaching its third year, we are the only architecture-led multidisciplinary portfolio review workshop and moving globally. You are part of a movement and we greatly appreciate your support!

Artificial Kreativity and the review team of established professionals continue making the Cross Pollinator Project a quality portfolio review experience. Every contribution you make is directed towards the cost of organizing and delivering our events where we provide presentations, reviews, and networking sessions to help students advance in their career. Our events are free and we don't pass on the costs to our attendees. We kindly ask you to click on the button below with your preferred amount.

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Corporate Sponsorship

If you are interested in corporate sponsorship please get in touch for a more in-depth conversation about how we can offer our support and exclusive opportunities. We aim to forge long term relationships that share our values and support our initiative.

Our learning workshops are held annually at leading creative festivals around the world including design and architecture. With over 1 mil visitors and 100k media presence our partnerships with these festivals allow us to reach new and larger creative audiences while forging new connections. We position ourselves with world class institutions and organizations that help us get our message out. We are here to build trust and create change in the creative life cycle.

Thank you to all the individuals for your generosity!

Rafael Portillo
Founder | Director
Artificial Kreativity

What our partners say

“The Cross Pollinator Project has become a vital part of LFA’s June programme, particularly in relation to the Festival’s mission of empowering and providing opportunities to emerging designers, architects and artists. The project creates the opportunity for young people to gain confidence and clarity about their future, expand knowledge of what roles and careers exist – particularly beyond traditionally understood roles such as the ‘architect’ – and to more clearly understand what they need to do to move forward. The industry is in a great need of more skill and confidence building projects like this. Artificial Kreativity are fantastic to work with, both in their ability to understand the skills and support needed by young people, and their ability to deliver quality and meaningful projects."
~Eliza Grosvenor. Head of Programme, LFA, NLA

“I’ve seen how the Cross Pollinator Project has supported young people begin their journey into higher education or working in the architectural and creative industries. It’s been wonderful to work with Artificial Kreativity and see firsthand one of the workshops they do through the project, which was well run and buzzing with positive energy. The Cross Pollinator Project successfully brought together design professionals and young people to exchange knowledge and advice, through talks and portfolio reviews. I look forward to working with Artificial Kreativity again.”
~Wilson Yau. Learning Officer, Zaha Hadid Foundation

"Rafael Portillo (Artificial Kreativity) along with his experts conducted an online workshop during Łódź Design Festival 2023. The professionally prepared portfolio review workshop was appreciated and attended by the festival's participants. Rafael is extremely devoted to his projects, caring for all organizational aspects. Working with him is a pleasure."
~Małgorzata Jaguszewska, Łódź Design Festival team

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