June 24, 2023  |  London, UK

LFA 2023

Cross Pollinator Project: Portfolio Review
London Festival of Architecture 2023
Zaha Hadid Foundation

May 20, 2023  |  Online

Lodz Design Festival 2023

Portfolio Review workshop
Present you portfolio in front of professionals at the Lodz Design Festival online.

Sep 2022   |   Kuwait, Kuwait

T-Square Magazine

Beyond the Built. Issue #25.
Kuwait University
"The Speed of Technology and the Evolution of the Human Mind"

Sep 08, 2022  |   London, UK

HM Queen Elizabeth

We are saddened to hear about the passing of the Queen. With over 70 years as a Queen she was the longest ruler of the British Monarchy.

Jun 12, 2022  |   London, UK

LFA 2022

Cross Pollinator Project: Portfolio Review
London Festival of Architecture 2022
Museum of the Home

Jun 2021   |   Liverpool, UK

National Museums Liverpool

Open competiton for the redevelopment of the waterfront area in Liverpool. Waterfront Transformation Competition

Jul 05-12 2021   |   Rome, Italy

LoosenArt Exhibtion

Millipiani Gallery
Group phototography exhibition

Mar 2021   |   Kuwait, Kuwait

T-Square Magazine

Plot. Issue #23. Kuwait University
"Invisible Kuwait: Poetic Stream of Consciousnes and Non-linear composition"

Dec 2020   |   Tampere, Finland

Sara Hilden Art Museum

Architectural competition for a new modern art museum in the heart of Tampere.

Mar 03, 2020   |   Kuwait, Kuwait

Loving Kuwait

Episode #038
A chat with Rafael Portillo: Invisible Kuwait. Listen to the podcast for more.

Feb 28, 2020   |   Rome, Italy

LoosenArt Magazine

Isolation. Living Apart
Article by: Silvia Colombo
Read more about what isolation means.

Feb 05-13, 2020   |   Rome, Italy

LoosenArt Exhibition

Isolation: Living Apart
Millipiani Gallery
Group photography exhibition

Jan 24-Feb 05, 2020   |   Athens, Greece

Blank Wall Gallery Exhibtion

Blank Wall Gallery
Group photography exhibition

Jan 01, 2020   |   Online

Lens Scratch Exhibition

Your Favorite Photograph 2019
Online group photography exhibition

Oct 14, 2019   |   Kuwait, Kuwait

RIBA Symposium

Happiness in the City: Redesigning Urban Living

Apr 2019   |   Online

Life Framer

Urban Stories-Inspirational Photography
Invisible Kuwait: City of Follies was selected for Life Framer's Inspirtional Photography post

May 2018   |   Chicago, USA

OKW Architects

Lecture: Digital Design
Thanks to OKW Architects for inviting us to give a talk about digital deisgn and Invisible Kuwait

Jan 2017   |   Kuwait, Kuwait

Needlab_Kuwait Matters

Lecture Series: Kuwait the "Invisible City"