Creating change to make an impact in society through imaginative, intelligent, and artistic designs.

Artificial Kreativity

We believe cultures develop through the necessity of imagination and creativity. This is why at Artificial Kreativity we are creating an incubation laboratory to develop innovative ideas for cultural change. We believe imagination and creativity are the forefront for a cultural evolution. Why, because it is the element that drives innovation, intelligent ideas, and creative solutions pushing us beyond our limits.

Artificial Kreativity is a design-led architecture studio merging technology, art and architecture to create unique designs that aim to advance society. We operate internationally with a multidisciplinary collaborative offering architecture, design, and research services to support clients with visions and innovative ideas. We develop our ideas through the use of computational design, interactive simulation, sustainable technology, prototyping, innovation strategies, creative methods, and research to conceive and rationalize abstract ideas into built projects.

Who We Are

Artificial Kreativity was founded in 2020 by Director Rafael Portillo, a native of Los Angeles. His career spans over 18 years working on iconic projects with internationally acclaimed studios including 8 years at Zaha Hadid Architects. His design experience comprise multiple scales ranging from cultural buildings, FIFA stadiums, masterplans, commercial retail, and private residential designs. This includes projects and built work in France, UK, India, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Taiwan. Key projects are Pierres Vives, Chartres Parc des Expo, Symbiotic Villa, and Diyar Town Center Masterplan.

Rafael has presented at the RIBA Symposium Kuwait 2019 and exhibited in Rome and Athens. His approach to architecture is an art form where he specializes in digital design processes to create sculptural buildings that push the boundaries of architecture and design. Design interests stem from music, art, landscape, fashion, creativity, and technology. He received his BArch from Cornell University, MArch from the Architectural Association, and sits on the board of trustees with London Play.

Our Story

Artificial Kreativity is an experiment—a hypothesis: Can architecture change creativity (make it better) or can creativity change architecture (the way we think)?

From its early beginnings in 2002, Artificial Kreativity developed as a method to induce creative ideas. From free associations, juxtapositions, and surrealist thought, it was searching for the abstract, the unimaginable, something that didn’t exist, the irrational, and origins of creativity. Two decades later Artificial Kreativity resurfaces as a new experiment—a design studio exploring creative strategies for innovative and iconic buildings within the realms of architecture and design. Read more about the origins of Artificial Kreativity within our research section.

How can we help bring your ideas to life? Get in touch if you would like to collaborate on creating change and advancing society.